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Attorney Says His Dishonesty Doomed His Texas License While His Honesty Led to Maryland Disbarment

“My question to the court would be that if a lawyer who reports his or her own misbehavior is going to be disbarred anyway, then what incentive does that lawyer have to report the misbehavior in the first place?” said former Maryland attorney Edward A. Malone.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Wayne State University Law Names Inaugural Associate Dean of Diversity

“I have spent my entire professional career working not only to promote diversity and belonging, but also, recognizing that neither diversity nor inclusion are power-neutral, advancing civil rights and equality in education,” Nancy Chi Cantalupo said in a statement. “However, that work has almost always been bifurcated—either focusing on research or on the implementation of […]

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Fourth California Law School Withdraws From US News Rankings

“The response by U.S. News to recent announcements by other law schools that have also chosen to withdraw—without responding to the substance of any of the significant issues raised—has caused greater concern, contributing to our decision,” University of California, Irvine School of Law Dean Austen Parrish wrote in a statement to the community Wednesday.         […]

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